Welcome to Royalmount
Eco-innovation in the heart of Montreal

Royalmount was born of a desire to create a unifying, eco-friendly and innovative living environment that reflects the best of Montreal.

Located in Town of Mount Royal (TMR) at the intersection of highways 15 and 40, this carbon-neutral neighbourhood will be a source of revitalization for one of Montreal’s largest heat islands. The mission of Royalmount village is to repair the crumbling infrastructure that has for decades geographically divided the cities and neighbourhoods on the western part of the island from the rest of the city. Rooted in today’s realities while answering the needs of tomorrow, Royalmount will have their residents’ well-being at the heart of its mission.

Challenging convention, it will be an inspiring urban cultural hub designed on a human scale. Royalmount will offer the quintessential Montreal experience: a dynamic, diverse culture with restaurants, boutiques, green spaces, hotels, lounge areas and offices, while at the same time embracing the best technological practices for the environment, sustainable development, and green mobility.